Friday, May 24, 2013

Grandaddy Shawn

We spent this Friday evening of Memorial Day weekend at "Pump It Up" for a six year old birthday party.  Our family has made  many new friends this year among the parents and kids of baseball and ballet. We still feel so young it's almost easy to forget...that is until birthday boy's dad asked  Shawn if he was another mom's dad:(  ...and the other mom was embarrassed???  Cracked me up until I realized that he must have thought her son who is Christian's best friend was our grandson.  We started the season jokingly referring to ourselves as the mawmaw and pawpaw of the ball team.  Not so far from the truth, I guess.

Amberly got her back handspring yesterday and is doing round-off/back handprings today!  It tickles me pink because that energy that aged me and her daddy enough for us to be mistaken for grandparents is what drives her to master gymnastics without actually taking the class.   In fact, that energy that keeps her from sitting still long enough to make those straight "A's" she so desperately craves (though I know she could if I could manage to keep her still for at least 10 minutes in a row), is exactly what makes her eyes twinkle.   Her sister, typical oldest, high achiever, former JHS Cheer Captain, Valedictorian, firstborn type watched in shameless envy this afternoon as Am tumbled in the living room.  She said that all she ever wanted for all of the six years she cheered was to master her back handspring.  This same sister, the most driven person I know, never met that goal despite hours of instruction in gymnastics.  Now to her credit, she did instruct Amberly on the finer points of one's back handspring technique.  After watching my girls together all afternoon and seeing Jana truly delight in the accomplishment of her baby sister, I am so thankful that God made our Amberly exactly as she is.  My mold for daughters would surely have been stale by this third Davenport girl. 

Other thoughts...I ordered the book "Beautiful Girlhood".  While I'm learning to embrace high energy, I have not liked the sassiness that came with 4th grade.  We already had the companion/study guide.   I'm planning to spend summer mornings with Amberly going through this book and study guide.  We also came up with "Fieldtrip Friday".  If they do their reading and chores each day of the week then on Friday we will do a fun activity.  Today we went to Oak Mountain State Park and hiked to Peavine Falls and then tonight, "Pump it Up". and if I weren't so tired, I'd prove it!

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