Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Will Not Lie

I will not lie. Some days I wonder what took a hold of us that we would think that we should adopt two more children. These feelings seem especially pronounced the older Braden gets. It would be easy about now. Braden will be thirteen on Easter Sunday. Anna will leave for college in the fall. Our house would be inhabited by one teenage boy who regularly withdraws to his room to read or goes to the pond to fish. Shawn and I crave evenings out...ALONE! Very typical for a couple our age. If we had not taken this path we would be down to one set of school activities. We would be free to make choices that do not involve consulting the master schedule. I will not lie. It would be easier.

Instead, I look out my window to a familiar sight. One that has not changed much in nineteen years. There's a jungle gym, a wagon, my chair, two bicycles, a swimming pool, a swing set, a mound of sand with a stick stuck right in the middle. Inside the house, there are shoes in my kitchen floor that will warrant a good scolding in a few minutes but for now I imagine the sparkly things were slipped off while she was getting a cold drink after coming in from play. Never mind that I've told all of them at least twenty-thousand times to take their shoes off at the front door.
And then there are dreams. I have dreamed of going to Prince Edward Island for twenty years but it will have to wait as the little one I never dreamed would be mine is too attached to his mama. I will not lie. Sometimes I get tired of teaching and training, washing and cleaning.

But the truth is, they're worth it!