Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One day till grocery day MEAL!

I have four hungry mouths (not bad compared to our usual seven) to feed. It's 5:20 and for some reason I just didn't plan anything for dinner??? Mama said there would be days like this...I have in my cupboard various cans of veggies, one box of hamburger helper and rice. In the freezer I have two hamburger patties. Times like this is when I realize that we really house and grow piranha. If it's edible, it's gone. I browned the two hamburger patties, mixed in the hamburger helper and a drained a can of vegall. I cooked the rice and topped it with our cool beef and veggie blend. The little ones think they are eating gumbo and we'll have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Fall is in the air! As much as it can be in the deep south. Amberly and Christian have recently discovered "mud pies" and have spent the last two days outside literally playing in the dirt. A delightful break from their normal after school chaos. There are so many things to worry about but my sweet hubby reminded me this week of the words to one of his favorite songs, "Beautiful Boy"...Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. These simple days are life.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rhinestone Cowgirl

A little girl fell off of her horse. Though she tried, she couldn't overcome her fears...but then one Thanksgiving, the year she was ten and for no good reason, something clicked! She closed her eyes, swallowed her fears, went for a ride and NEVER looked back.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A secret

This is our family's "Year of Change". I came home full-time to take care of Christian and to be more available for all of the kids. With four of them diagnosed with asthma, I was home more than I could work anyway!!! The biggest change came this August when Jana left for college. She's not far away, less than 50 miles from the front door-steps! Still I can't understand why everyone says "that's not far". She's still not in her bedroom at night. I don't see her sweet face for days at a time. She might as well be a thousand miles away, because she's sure NOT here! I don't know how to describe how it feels exactly. We went to Disney this summer and by far the favorite ride was Splash Mountain. We rode it over and over. The beginning of the ride is curvy but you go at a leisurely pace. There are a few surprises as you wind around the familiar characters and listen to happy little tunes...for a moment you forget about the big "splash" that's coming. The scenes and the music seem to last forever but before you know it you are slowly ascending the incline and you KNOW that when you get to the top your body will drop but your stomach rise to catch in your throat. That's how it felt letting her go. I remember holding her in the hospital room like it was yesterday. Somehow feeling like I'd always known the shape of her nose, her hairline, her smell. You don't even know that the first time you hold them that you are already letting them go. I barely blinked and then I was sitting at her graduation. But there is a secret at this point in the journey. It's not earth shattering, I've never read about it. No one told me about it. It's just something that was a very sweet surprise. The story of the prodigal son alludes to it even though in this case she's not at all a "prodigal". Luke 15:20b..."but when he was still a great way off, his father saw him and had compassion, and ran and fell on his neck and kissed him." That's my secret, no one told me that on a regular Tuesday when my daughter calls and says, "Mama, I think I'm going to come home tonight, will you ride to Walmart with me"...that my world would be right. It's an anticipation unlike anything else I've ever experienced! Nothing compares to knowing that for a few hours tonight all that's mine and cherished will be within my reach.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Beautiful Mind

I love to read blogs! I follow two or three for inspiration. I felt so inspired that I decided to start a blog (mostly because I couldn't find many families like ours to read about). I wrote two or three heartfelt posts and then...I LOST IT. I didn't loose the inspiration, didn't loose the motivation...I lost the BLOG!!! I couldn't remember how to get to it. Who does that??? I guess that's an insight into my "beautiful mind". A day or two ago I read on Facebook that my cousin decided to start her own blog to journal about her family. I jokingly commented that I had a blog but I lost it (sad face). It was very comical to me but in my heart I was cheering her on because, well...she's young. She WILL remember where she put her blog and she's much more technical savvy than I am. So today, I read her first blog post. I was moved to tears. I love it! Of course I had to comment. I wrote my sentimental comment and a window popped up for me to choose a "thingy"... I chose the "Google" link. I knew that at some point I must have done something online that required a password for Google. I entered my email and my old standby password and posted my comment. When I went back to her post to see if my comment had posted, I was delighted to see MY BLOG name! I FOUND IT!!! What fun to go back and read about my family a year ago. So much has happened in a year! Last April we finalized the adoption of our sweet little boy, Christian!!! He is playing happily in the floor beside me as I write. Our little girl is a very happy second grader and loves her teacher, her friends, gymnastics and violin. Braden is now a strapping twelve year old and right in the middle of football season. His daddy is his coach and his cousin, Nathan plays on the team too. Anna is enjoying her senior year and is BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!! She is living her life out loud! Our oldest is away at college and I miss her EVERYDAY but she is blissfully happy and I love hearing about her adventures. Hopefully I will be able to remember where I put my blog tomorrow and the day after...